DELIVERY TIMES - The totality of the material appearing in this tariff can be delivered in principle in less than one week, except however for the special fabrications for which it is preferable to question us.

SHIPPING - The goods always travel at the risk of the recipient, even if sold free. For any expedition in express, a supplement is to be envisaged in addition to the participation port and packing. It is calculated according to weight and destination.

RETURN OF MERCHANDISE - Any return of merchandise will be subject, in all circumstances, to our prior agreement

RETURN OF MATERIAL - No return will be accepted without the express agreement of our services. A discount of 10% minimum will be deducted from the price of recovery. An additional loss of value may be applied if a repackaging, painting or change of packaging is necessary for the reshipping of the equipment.

DELIVERY - Except prior and contractual acceptance, the responsibility of our company cannot be engaged because of a delay or a lack of delivery of the goods.

PRICES - The prices quoted on our prices are always

EXCLUDING TAXES ex works. These prices are subject to change without notice. On our acknowledgments, our deadlines and prices are only indicative.

PAYMENT - Payments must be made, unless agreed otherwise, cash and no discount on delivery. The T.V.A. is in all cases paid on the flows. Any modification made to the invoice at the time of payment would, for the seller, result in the adjustment of the VAT payable and, for the purchaser, the corresponding regularization of the deductions of the taxes made. Any postponement or non-payment of an invoice on the due date specified on it, entails ipso jure, pursuant to Law 92-1442 of 31.12.92, an invoice of agios calculated at the rate equal to 1 time and half the rate of legal interest. In addition, if after reminders, the settlement has not yet occurred, compensation is due in accordance with Article 1226 of the Civil Code. It is carried on an additional debit note of 10% of the invoice amount, without prejudice to any recovery costs charged to the debtor. The delay in the payment of a single invoice will give us the right to claim, after simple notice, immediate payment of all sums, even due, that may be due.

PROPERTY RESERVE CLAUSE The seller retains full ownership of the delivered material until payment of the invoice price. From the moment of delivery, the purchaser assumes the responsibility of the damages that this material could undergo or to cause, for any reason whatsoever. In the event of non-compliance by the buyer with one of the terms of the agreed payment, the seller may by registered letter and without having to apply for it judicially either demand the return of the equipment at the expense of the buyer until execution by this the last of its commitments, that is, to automatically terminate the contract. In the latter case, the buyer, in addition to its obligation to return the equipment, will owe the seller an indemnity corresponding to the depreciation of this equipment and more generally to the damage caused by the non-fulfillment of its commitments, compensation that the seller will be entitled to impute on the sums already collected.

WARRANTY - The Company warrants its articles against any defects in material or construction defects during the normal period of use which, in any case, cannot exceed 6 months from the date of delivery. Any defect caused by misuse cannot give rise to warranty. Our warranty is limited to the repair or exchange pure and simple of the defective material recognized, excluding any other costs. The products in this price list are subject to change without notice. Consequently, the nomenclatures indicated do not constitute a commitment on our part.

FORUM SELECTION - Any dispute opposing us to our buyers is the competence of the Commercial Court of Lille, even in case of domiciliation of effects in other places, as well as in case of call in guarantee or plurality of defendants.

APPLICATION - Any order implies the acceptance of these conditions and commits the buyer independently of its own purchase clauses.


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