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VENTICO® AGRI :The unique know-how in V-BELTS development and manufacturing that COLMANT CUVELIER RPS has acquired over the years lead to the introduction of a new range of heavy duty / high quality Belts for AGRI EQUIPMENT.Our Catalog offers over 6000 references of wrapped V-Belts, banded V-Belts, raw edge belts, Variator belts adaptable to most major equipment (Harvester) As we know that our customers cannot afford any downtime in peak season due to component failure, we have concentrated in our belts the best of our technologies .

- Special double / triple wrapping to ensure high wear resistance in dusty environments

- Special rubber compounds to enhance Heat resistance

- Specific aramid or polyester cable to ensure optimum power transmission.

Custom-made products for specific applications (vegetable harvesters)

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